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    Our Commitment to Inclusivity

At Mayfair House Hotel & Garden, we believe that every human deserves opportunity, respect and representation. Our iconic hotel, located in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, is committed to welcoming, honoring and celebrating the uniqueness of our guests, our staff, our business partners and the community.
This pledge for diversity and respect requires action every day with every person, highlighting and holding accountable both achievements and progress.
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    Diverse Employees

    Age, ability, race and LGBTQ+ representation is key to our guests seeing themselves across the entire journey of their stay.

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    Welcoming Every Guest

    Creating a wealth of community where every visiting guest always and unconditionally feels welcome, safe, respected and celebrated.

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    Inclusive Experiences

    Honoring diversity requires creating onsite programs, promotions and opportunities designed to appeal to, and attract, people of all cultures.

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    Celebrating Community

    As one of Miami’s most iconic architectural wonders, we embody and celebrate internationality, creativity, ecology, history & rich culture.

This is our pledge. To learn more, or to make suggestions or comments, email
General Manager Rhys O’Connell at [email protected]